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SCORE: Developer Docs

SCORE is a project under constant development. However, this version of SCORE, v1.0, will remain virtually unchanged as the foundation for future branches, designed to cater for specialized regions. What we seek to provide in v1.0 is something that can be easily modified and improved, while providing all of the necessary options -along with a few extras. Users of basic SCORE are encouraged to modify the code, under the SCORE license agreement, and also to share their ideas or recommendations for future versions of SCORE, OR possible branches with us. This can be done by visiting the SCORE IRC chat, #opensimcityscape on directly, or posting to our forums (See Contact US).

>Priority ideas

These are ideas which are currently being pursued. If you have an idea that you don't see listed here, PLEASE contact us. The list is under constant revision, and if you have any good recommendation they may find their way to the top of this list, depeding on (a) practicality, (b) work involved, (c) user submitted code and other factors. Also, those people with programming experience (especially php) are encouraged to get involved with developement of SCORE.




These are a list of the most recent bugs. A '*' means that its been fixed.