SCORE: Credits


Amk, aka Soumazx, SCORE ringleader

Amk spent nearly a month of his time coding SCORE (almost all of it himslef.) Without his determination and love of php, this project would not be reality. He spent long nights trying to solve complex problems and dreaming ways to improve the interface, Met with flamesrock in the Simtropolis chat room on Friday February the 2nd. Idea's and enthusiasm followed in a meeting with Daemorhedron (below), and the rest is simhistory.


While he didn't have the time to stick around the entire way, his work early on hacking the .sc4 filetype was extremely valuable and broke some heavy roadblocks.


Like Daemorhedron, Sawtooth provided some valuable information and helped with thelogistics/design side. His ideas helped speed the project considerably. Without his help, the graphical region view in SCORE might not have been possible.


His knowledge of the .sc4 filetype helped SCORE over many a speed bump.

Acted as a bugtester, provided ideas for the logistics/design side and used his cyber whip to keep the others up long nights. His SCORE region, the Columbia River Delta will be one of the first to use the software (along with Mayor E's Chorion.) Helped write some of the docs you see on this site.