SimCity Online Region Exchange
SCORE: Project Home Page

SCORE is an acronym for 'SimCity Online Region Exchange. The goal of the project is to provide SimCity 4 users a means of hosting shared, online games where players can co-operatively develop a region (or regions) together - not unlike SimCityScape, and in our opinion, superior. The software is highly graphical as well as scalable, and can be easily modified to suit the needs of any multiplayer game.

The benefits of SCORE are huge. Its strongest feature is that nearly anyone can setup and host their own community games - containing multiple regions of various shapes and sizes - with ease. Administrators of SCORE systems have have control of various settings for individual regions, and have the ability to modify those settings as need changes. (View a full feature list in the documentation, or below.)

SCORE maintains its simplicity by utilizing php, GD Image Library and a SQL database making it a cross platform, and cross-browser solution.

Feature List: